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March 11, 2021  

S1E4 | Con Stories (ft. Brat Prince Productions & Infernorune)

The ComfyCozyCast hosts and guests Brat Prince Productions and Infernorune share their stories about conventions, from the wildest experience, to dream cons, budgeting for cons, and how to get over con crud.

March 4, 2021  

S1E3 | Cosplay 101, Molly the Maid, and Our Comfiest Cosplays

The ComfyCozyCast hosts give tips for beginner cosplayers and Fairchild regales us of stories of her time as Molly the Maid for Cosplayer Repair Aid.

February 25, 2021  

S1E2 | Plushies, Pets, and Pillowforts

The ComfyCozyCast hosts talk about their usual convention dealers room and/or artist alley buys, tips for first-time congoers, and comfy topics like pets and how best to make a pillowfort. 

February 11, 2021  

S1E1 | Intros and Beginnings

The ComfyCozyCast hosts introduce themselves and tell their stories of how they got into cosplay and attending conventions.

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