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January 11, 2021  


January 11, 2021

Ashweez, cosplaying Kaori Miyazono, stands against a wall covered in sheet music while holding a violin. She's wearing a long, wavy blonde wig, gray blazer, red tie with white and black stripes, and blue buttondown. Her expression is soft and she's looking off the camera to the right.


Ashweez Cosplay


Ashweez Cosplay is a DFW-based cosplayer who has been cosplaying and attending cons since 2005. She enjoys making her own cosplays, competing in cosplay competitions, and sharing her knowledge on her website and socials. She founded the virtual convention ComfyCozyCon in 2020 and its spinoff podcast, ComfyCozyCast! She works full-time as a multimedia designer and hopes to lend her expertise to cosplayers so they can polish their cosplay brands!




FairchildCosplay is cosplaying Evelynn from League of Legends in her All Out skin. She has a purple with on with buns at the top and long weft coming down. She's wearing a chromatic purple jacket and black bra. Her right hand rests dramatically on her head while her left is held up to her chin. The lighting is red, blue and moody.




FairchildCosplay is a cosplayer residing in the Pacific Northwest, who favors most genres of dress-up. Historical attire, video game costumes, anime characters, comic book protagonists, it's all in her wheelhouse. She's been cosplaying since 2015, on and off, although she still does not consider herself a professional, despite the dream of making cosplay a career. She found her love of sewing early on, when she was a mere 9 years old and a family member sewed her into a dress they'd made for one of her first renaissance faire visits and started her own sewing journey sewing skirts to shirts to make her own 'dresses' soon after.




KaseyDidWhat appears to be screaming as she holds a black hood over he head, white facepaint on the right sisde of her face. Her shirt is black as well as the background, making it a very moody and dramatic shot.




Kaseydidwhat has been cosplaying since 2012, and started competing in 2018, going on to win both craftsmanship and performance based awards. In 2019, she picked up photography and has since started doing shoots with cosplayers. She utilizes her experience as both model and photographer to work towards the best pictures possible, specializing in anything to do with colored and neon lighting.