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February 16, 2022  

S2E7 | Cosplay and Body Positivity (ft. Troy Bushido of Superhero Forge)

ComfyCozyCast sits down with Troy Bushido of Superhero Forge about cosplay, body positivity, health, fitness, and more!

November 24, 2021  

S2E6 | The Art of Storytelling (ft. Tales from the Fandom)

ComfyCozyCast interviews "Tales from the Fandom" podcast host David about his experience with creating engaging storytelling as well as how to balance pursuing these creative interests with our everyday lives.

November 4, 2021  

S2E5 | Con Stories II (ft. Krispycosplays & Ochabana)

Time for more con stories! This time guests Krispycosplays and Ochabana joins us to regale us with their con hijinx stories. We also talk about what makes a good con mom.

October 13, 2021  

S2E4 | The Comfiest Podcast Ensemble Ever (ft. Kigu Talk)

What is this? A crossover episode? The ComfyCozyCast hosts are joined by the Kigu Talk hosts, Lissandela, Cupsofpre, and Batbushka!

September 22, 2021  

S2E3 | Tiktok Around the Clock (ft. Black Bettie Cosplay, Midnight Pursona & Yakfrost)

ComfyCozyCast interviews Black Bettie Cosplay, Midnight Pursona, and Yakfrost about their experience making content for TikTok, their favorite TikTok trends, and more!

July 9, 2021  

S2E2 | The Artists of ComfyCozyCon (ft. Iconografi)

The ComfyCozyCast interviews ComfyCozyCon artist K and hear about her experience tabling at ComfyCozyCon Winter Edition 2020, what type of art she does, and her inspirations!

July 3, 2021  

S2E1 | Talk Anime to Me (ft. Aceofoctagons)

The ComfyCozyCast hosts sit down with Aceofoctagons and talk all things anime with him.

May 7, 2021  

S1E10 | Meet the ComfyCozyCast Crew! (ft. Offbrand, TechnoKoopa, and Nerdy Bell)

Meet the people behind ComfyCozyCast! Offbrand, TechnoKoopa, and Nerdy Bell join us as guests as we talk about how we think season 1 went and our hopes for season 2!

April 22, 2021  

S1E9 | Accessibility & Safety in Nerd Spaces (ft. Batbushka & Trickssi)

The ComfyCozyCast hosts speak with Batbushka and Trickssi from Cosplayer Survivor Support Network about how we can make nerd spaces and conventions more accessible and safer.

April 8, 2021  

S1E8 | All About Cosplay Contests (ft. Stardust Megu & ChibiTifa)

The ComfyCozyCast hosts chat with guests Chibitifa and Stardust Megu about cosplay contests and their favorite products.

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